Overhead cranes with cantilever crab

The single girder O.H.T. crane family with cantilever crab is the latest development of GD. Not only guarantees the new crab construction the given installation height but the highest hook upper position as well. This characteristic is of advantage especially at installations into buildings with small clearance.

A further important news besides the extreme high upper position of the hook is, that the festoon supply along the girder is not necessary. No danger of getting caught in the hanging cable. The crab is only connected to the electric system of the crane by a conductor line in a plastic box beside the girder. Basic equipment of this crane is a radio remote control, which is the most convenient and safest kind of control.

The crane family is equipped with a well proven robust chain hoist with a capacity of 1-6,3 t made by STAHL Crane Systems.

Another news is the travel unit with especially small roll resistance. The load is transmitted by only three wheels from the crab to the girder. The crab is designed in a way that no flange friction occurs, all load is transmitted by rolling elements. This solution possesses high life expectancy, the probability of failure and the operation costs are a fragment of that of the traditional trolley.